An essence can simply be chosen from their listed qualities found via the essences option on the menu bar above.
When choosing an essence sometimes two or more will appear to have quite similar qualities.  Normally only one or two facets of the remedies will be alike. So make your choice from the other qualities of the essences to the one that best fits your current situation.  Alternately, if you have the confidence and trust in your own intuition you can use the photos to choose the essence that feels right for you.

The Essences/plants can be viewed and felt in greater depth through the Healing pages section.  In this way the site can be used as a healing tool in its own right.
In the Healing pages option each photo is accompanied by a paragraph of text on the individual essences healing qualities.  A second paragraph describes the physical plants appearance, life and ecology.  The two paragraphs often correlate and support each other.  This web site naturally evolved in this way.
Each individual plant is accompanied by bird and insect sounds from its own environment at the time of it’s flowering. It can be of even greater benefit to absorb an essence when the actual plant is in bloom. Flowering times are mentioned in the healing pages text.
The photos have been taken to capture the essence of each individual plant, to help you intuitively feel the plants energy and healing qualities.  You can observe the response of your body and emotions to each photo.  This helps us to rediscover our inbuilt senses. Which often have diminished as our distance from the natural world has increased. Once an essence is chosen in this way you can read its properties and see how they align with your current life circumstances.
A strong adverse mind reaction to a particular plant picture can even be an indicator of an appropriate essence.  This can be because our egos try desperately to retain the status quo and avoid casting new light on sensitive or painful areas.

Some of the photos can be purchased and then used for healing focus.
Photos marked with a Pic code in the healing pages (bottom right of page) can be purchased. You can place them in prominent positions in your home.  This will enhance the healing qualities and focus as you take the essence.


When taking these essences it is beneficial to keep some focus on your current emotional and mental issues. It is also help full to be conscious of intended qualities you desire to increase.  Become aware of the accumulative effect of an essence as it builds and resides in your being.  Your vibration will be repeatedly raised finer and finer over time.  When we observe our mental and emotional states the simple act of recognition allows increasingly healthy and happy moods to emerge and flourish. By watching without judgment healing occurs whatever the initial raw emotion may have been.

 It is only when we are not aware of our inner feelings that they remain stuck, influencing and controlling all our outer experiences. This can then lead to a cycle of unhealthy inner states and negative life experiences.  When we learn to observe our inner thoughts and emotions and notice how transient they can be, we become free to break the circle. This allows us to increase the inflow of universal support, contentment, joy, and gratitude into our lives.

Often, these essences will simply amplify beneficial thoughts and feelings, bringing balance into our lives with no counter feelings arising.  This is particularly true of most of the orchid essences.   Sometimes difficult emotions and blockages may rise to the surface when taking essences. This is all part of the process so that the emotions may be felt, recognized and owned. The essences will still be working their magic, as the patterns dissipate and lose their grip over your life experiences. Consciousness of how observation and ownership of difficult feelings leads to healing is the key. This leads to easing of that most destructive force- self judgment!

When working with the flower essences evolvement and awareness are always growing.  The Universe recognizes the seeds of self-love that are being sown and responds with an increase of wisdom and support. It helps us to remember our valuable and unique role in oneness creation.