About Us

These essences are all created in ancient woodland sites on the North Downs of Kent.  The plants grow in soil much of which has never felt the plough or cultivation.  The present trees and flowers are the direct descendents of their ancestors who grew on the same ground ten thousand years before. They hold valuable core wisdom's from our land.

Through absorption of the plants pure life force we can gently identify and melt mental and emotional patterns.If left unchecked, old disruptive emotions can often lead us to believe and act as though we are outside of universal oneness. These essences help to remind us that we too are an expression of universal creation. They free us to be all that we can be, through the simplicity of just being who we truly are.

These plant's unique and soulful call vibrates around the woodland. This is amplified by the purity of the sacred ancient woodland soil in which their roots are anchored and fed.  Now is the time for us to once again fall into union with their fine transforming energies. These inspiring and grounded flower essences have now come out of the woods to merge with mankind. They help us to remember the freedom that is found when we rekindle our awareness of oneness.  They assist us both individually and collectively to return to our birth right of simply being on earth living in balance with our environment.  When the recognition of oneness is felt via vibration in our mind and body, we then intuitively pick up the natural rhythms of the earth. This allows our ever evolving finer vibration, to weave through the tapestry of modern life, guiding it towards the holistic.

The incredible balance and variety of life that makes up the woodland eco system holds much ancient wisdom. It recalls a time when we too were  an integral part of the whole. When we are in touch with our natural sense of being, no harm can be done to our local and thus global environment.

These wonderful plant essences capture oneness to remind us we are also a part of blessed creation. They remind us that we as individuals are sacred, all is sacred and that we are loved and cherished by birth right.  They help us to understand that when we truly know ourselves, all our highest dreams and desires are effortlessly correlated and manifested.

Ultimately we learn there is no good or bad, right or wrong, no judgment, only that created in our own minds.We realize all is encompassed by the oneness of creation.  But there is choice in life and to have the widest choice for the healthiest and happiest lives we need freedom.We need freedom from old disruptive thoughts and patterns.   These old thoughts, beliefs and fears are often outside the truths of universal creation.  This range of inspirational remedies helps to dissolve our old blockages and beliefs. This then allows us to align with creation and recognize that we hold the very wisdom we seek.